The Mission of the International Roots FestivalThe International Roots Festival commemorates the forced enslavement and transportation of millions of Africans to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. Thus the festival supports African descendents in the Diaspora who are seeking to embark on a spiritual quest for further enlightenment, discovery, development and fulfilment whilst confronting a physical past and coming to terms with their true antecedence.
Aims and ObjectiveTo reunite Peoples of African descent with Africa while promoting The Gambia and her cultural, historical and traditional values.

To further encourage Cultural Tourism and Investment in The Gambia, in particular and Africa in general.

To forge closer ties between The Gambia and Pan African peoples, for meaningful mutual co-operation and development.

To promote, enhance and encourage African Unity amongst Africans in the Diaspora and Africa.

To establish the truth about the history of Africa and the experiences of its people using the vehicle of African arts, culture, music and dance.

To reaffirm the common heritage of African people the world over and define Africas contribution to world civilization.

To promote The Gambia as a cultural Tourist destination in the Americas, the Caribbean Islands and Europe, to further encourage trade and investment in The Gambias growing economy.

To preserve, promote and develop those aspects of The Gambias cultural heritage that enhances cultural identity and foster National economic and social advancement.

To provide the basis for the establishment of an African Diaspora Heritage Centre in Juffureh, the quintessential home of the African Diaspora as personified in Kunta Kinteh, the fore father of the late African American writer, biographer and historian Alex Haley.

To celebrate the rich, diverse yet homogenous cultural heritage of The Gambia in particular and the West African sub region generally.

To provide a platform for interactive discussions between Africans on the Continent and Africans in the Diaspora, on issues of common interest and concern to offer practical solutions by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Roots Festival

Clients Testimonials

22 Jan 2013

Make sure you attend the next Roots Festival in T

Written by : Nina M.

22 Jan 2013

Gambia and Gambians I love you, I will be back so

Written by : Amina Johnson.

05 Jan 2013

A profound and moving experience, I found my real

Written by : D. Lewis

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