Clients Testimonials

Testimonies from previous Roots Festival Participants

25 Jan 2012

Our Home away from Home-affording you the opportunity to step back in time and history.

WrittenBy : N. Parkinson

24 Dec 2012

An experience every black African in the Diaspora should undertake 

WrittenBy : L. Pinkerton

02 Dec 2012

Totally enjoyable visit, to a beautiful unspoilt and friendly Country.

WrittenBy : B. Momoh.

01 Dec 2012

Culturally enriching a place I could spend all of my days. Pan African Travel the best travel operator I have ever experienced, personal service to the maximum .The only operator “Clarrie” who goes on holiday with you and gives you the full Gambian Roots Experience.   

WrittenBy : P. Bell

05 Dec 2012

It’s so much like Jamaica without the violence. I had a wonderful time, beautiful Country wonderful people. Going back again and again to my Roots 

WrittenBy : M. Escoffery

04 Feb 2013

Born in the West Indies, returned to my ancestral land, free at last and wonderful to be in the majority. 

WrittenBy : S. Palmer

03 Jan 2013

Excellent Country I cannot wait for our next trip and I will strongly recommend The Gambia and Pan African Travel to all my friends.   

WrittenBy : K. Moses

02 Dec 2012

I always knew there was some place spiritually richer than the Caribbean for me.

WrittenBy : P. Bailey

Roots Festival

Clients Testimonials

22 Jan 2013

Make sure you attend the next Roots Festival in T

Written by : Nina M.

22 Jan 2013

Gambia and Gambians I love you, I will be back so

Written by : Amina Johnson.

05 Jan 2013

A profound and moving experience, I found my real

Written by : D. Lewis

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